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Do you want to live in Italy? Of course, we would all love to live in Italy, after all it’s glamorous, cultured, filled with history and stunning scenery, and of course there is the gastronomy and wines. For many, the thought of living in Italy is a dream and many a novel or film has also inspired buyers to follow their dream and look for a home abroad in Italy.

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Live in Italy – Here are three regions we’d recommend


It is perhaps the most famous expat destination in Italy, and it was the birthplace of the Renaissance. As a result, this region is rich with World Heritage and other important cultural and historic sites.

But Tuscany has more to offer than art and culture. It also boasts world-class beaches that are safe and well-maintained, although you may find that many beaches charge a fee for their use.

Tuscany’s coastline is ideal for hiking and long walks and its landscape is the classic image of rolling Italian fields and picturesque towns and villages.

In its gastronomy,Tuscans value freshness and top quality ingredients over difficult recipes and cooking styles. It is also the home of Chianti wine.

Despite its popularity, prices in Tuscany can be more affordable than you might imagine, especially if you stay clear of the cities and focus on less well-known areas of the countryside.


Sicily is one of the most densely populated areas in Italy with countless towns and villages. It has a fascinating heritage, including ruins form when it was a part of ancient Greece.

Sicilians love sweet dishes, so don’t be surprised to see them eating ice cream for breakfast. Anyone who has watched the ‘Inspector Montalbano’ TV series will know how seriously Sicilians take their food and that you’ll always be assured of great dining in this part of the world.

Sicily is an affordable place to live and to purchase real estate. Look for properties on the east side of the island and despite its reputation as the home of the Cosa Nostra, Sicily is actually a very safe place to live.


The home of Parma ham and Parmesan cheese is a destination for devoted foodies. Located in the northern region of Emilia-Romagna, food is hugely important here and a real source of pride. Parma has also given us a number of stuffed pasta dishes, and Parma was the first Italian city to receive the UNESCO Creative City For Gastronomy award. You will find food boutiques and even museums dedicated to the local cuisine in Parma. Properties in the city are on the expensive side as you might imagine, but look in the nearby countryside and you’ll find better prices.

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