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Cape Verde, or Cabo Verde, is located on a peninsula off the northwest coast of Africa. It has a small population of 500,000 and many visitors come here because of the excellent environment for surfing, kite surfing and diving. It has a large expat population, which means that there are lots of amenities serving overseas residents.

Cape Verde was an uninhabited island until it was first discovered and colonised by the Portuguese in 1460. During one of its periods of history, the Ribeira Grande on Santiago island was used as a slave trade post between Africa and the New World, and archaeologists have been working on exploring this era in recent times. In 1951, Cape Verde became an overseas province, a status given to them by the Portuguese, and finally became independent in 1975.

1. Cape Verde has the most stable government in Africa

Cape Verde is blessed to have a stable, democratic government. This is good news for foreign buyers who may have doubts about buying in this part of the world.

2. Sugar cane liquor is its popular drink

Cape Verde’s national drink is a sugarcane liquor called Grog or Grogue, historically a favourite with sailors. The island’s farmers make it and it has an alcohol content of over 40%. It is similar to rum and is most often used as the base for some tasty cocktails.

3. Cachupa is the national dish

Cachupa is a stew primarily consisting of mashed corn, manioc, sweet potatoes, onions, green bananas, squash, and yams. Sometimes beans, fish or meat are also added to the slow-cooked stew and it is served at most major festive occasions.

4. Darwin and Columbus were visitors

Christopher Columbus stopped off on the island of Boa Vista in 1498, when on his third voyage to the New World. Charles Darwin was another visitor in 1832. He spent 21 days on Cape Verde studying its flora and fauna.

5. Sal, Boa Vista and Maio have little rain

The Cape Verde islands are either rainy or dry. Santiago, Fogo, and Santo Antao are the islands that see the most rainfall while Sal, Boa Vista, and Maio see almost no rain.

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