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arm of a bygone era

Lisbon has retained much of its heritage. There are still wooden trams, baroque architecture dominates the city’s centre and streets filled with herbalists, haberdashers and tailors are a welcome change from the globalisation of the modern retail environment.

#2 – The port is excellent

If you like port then Lisbon will have some of the best. Although strictly speaking, if you want the original port experience, you’ll make a visit to Portugal’s pretty second city – Porto.

#3 – Fresh pastel de natas

If you have never tasted one of these ‘custard tarts’ you do not know what you are missing. There is no other country that can make the tarts in quite the same way as the Portuguese do and if you’re in Lisbon, the place to buy them is Pasteis de Belém, although do be prepared to queue.

#4 – Lisbon’s weather

Lisbon is Europe’s sunniest capital city, boasting an average of 2,799 hours of sunshine a year, pipping Athens, which has 2,771 hours of sun a year, to the post.

#5 – Your money goes further

Portugal is one of the most affordable destinations in Europe. In fact, in its annual Holiday Money Report, the Post Office declared Portugal the second best value destination for a European getaway, after Bulgaria.

#6 – The Vasco da Gama Bridge

Lisbon’s Vasco da Gama bridge is 10.7 miles/17 km long, and it’s the longest in Europe. The striking landmark reminds some people of the Golden Gate bridge and perhaps it will become as famous as its Californian cousin.

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