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Live in Dubai – Dubai may not strike you as a retirement destination, but there are some compelling reasons to take another look at the United Arab Emirate’s city that has become a hub connecting East and West. We’ve picked six of the highlights of a Dubai lifestyle.

#1 – Dubai offers the best of both worlds

Dubai is a city that exudes luxury, but you don’t have to be super rich to enjoy elements of this. For example, there are reasonably priced restaurants in many of the high-end areas, and the city is renowned for its shopping malls (it has one that is the largest in the world) that sell the world’s most expansive brands, but also have retail outlets for the more modestly priced high street ones.

#2 – Live in Dubai, It’s tax free

If you are working there your salary is untaxed, and if you’re not working, you can still take advantage of the fact that food, restaurants, and all other goods are untaxed as well.

#3 – It’s foodie heaven

More than 70% of the people who live here come from different parts of the world and bring their recipes with them. There are thousands of restaurants serving different cuisines and the best part is that they are all authentic for the most part, the Lebanese street food being just one example.

#4 – Live in Dubai for a wealth of attractions

You may think that Dubai is all about towering buildings, but there is much more to do and see here. There are beaches and ski slopes, camel racing and horse racing, fantastic parks in the centre of the city, creating a green oasis, art galleries, cinemas, expat clubs and sports clubs.

#5 – It’s a smart city

Dubai is harnessing emerging technologies to compensate for its desert location and lack of natural resources. Its extensive use of solar power is creating a sustainable city and it has put all the daily drudgery of bureaucracy online.

#6 – Live in Dubai for easy travel

From Dubai you can easily connect to just about anywhere and it’s a great location for those who want to travel frequently. Situated between Europe and Asia, Dubai is the midway point for reaching some of the world’s most amazing destinations such as Thailand, Turkey, and Italy.

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