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Marbella has a fantastic assortment of beaches and if you ask locals about which one is best, you are sure to get a variety of replies. When you’ve just moved here deciding whose advice to take can present a challenge. However, Marbella ayuntamiento has introduced an online initiative to solve this problem with its Marbella – Playas Con Sabor website at www.marbellaplayas.com.

Its goal is to help you “find your favourite beach and enjoy the best summer.” While the website is clearly created to support the tourism industry and make sure that Marbella’s guests enjoy themselves so much they want to return, it’s also a valuable resource for residents.

The website’s map of the coast indicates the beach and beach club locations. Click on the numbers and you can have a closer look at the location and the facilities. You may find it easier to go direct to the playas/beaches tab and look through the list of beaches by area. It splits them into east, west and city; the latter refers to the beaches of Marbella town.

Marbella’s beaches, indeed most beaches of the Costa del Sol are known for their chiringuitos. These range from the informal beach shack to more elaborate beach clubs and they all serve refreshments in some form. Click on the tab and you’re presented with an interactive map. Click again and the chiringuito’s name appear with a link to more information. You’ll find a guide to Marbella’as best beach clubs the same way and a list of some of the area’s restaurants that are close to the beach.

The website also provides information about which beaches are best for sports, fishing, barbecues and nudism. With regard to the latter, Costa Natura in Estepona is the best and is the most secure. You’ll find nudism at Cabopino beach as well, although the set-up is more informal.

The best for sports are El Cable, Las Salinas and La Bajadilla, and there is kite surfing at Rio Real in summer. Lighting barbecues is restricted to El Chopo, El Cable and El Alicate, because the other beaches are surrounded by trees and the fire risk is too great for barbecues. And if you want to fish from the shore, as many people do here, the official time for this is from 20:00 until 08:00.

There are so many beaches to discover here, and at Umuzee we have some stunning beachside properties in Marbella and the Costa del Sol, where you can enjoy a Mediterranean lifestyle. Search for yours now!

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