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Holiday rental licence Andalucia

It is only two years since the introduction of the Holiday Rental Licence in Andalucia and, according to the Department of Tourism, in that time, more than 26,000 properties have successfully registered for a holiday rental licence.

However, on 7th February 2018, a small change was quietly made to the holiday rental licence and came into effect. In the last section of the law regarding camping and campsites the government has modified the licence requirements for holiday rental properties, especially those situated inland.

The amendment to the holiday rental licence law applies to properties located in a municipal area that is either town or village with less than 20,000 inhabitants and now allows them to register for a holiday rental licence. Previously, the owners of these properties would have had to comply with the regulations regarding rural holiday rental properties (Decreto 20/2002).

This means that property owners who previously didn’t qualify for either a rural holiday rental licence or a holiday rental licence can now apply for a holiday rental licence. And, this of course means that they can advertise their properties to holidaymakers ahead of what promises to be a fantastic summer for tourism in Andalucia.

Spain had a record number of visitors in 2017, retaining its position as the number one holiday destination in Europe. More than 29 million tourists visited Andalucia. As always it is particularly popular with the British and the latest figures reveal 2.82 million British tourists visited the region. However, this is forecast to increase by 6% in 2018.

According to a Spain-Holiday.com forecast, the change to the holiday rental law should lead to a 40% increase in the number of rural properties available for rent. Its spokesperson, Francisco Serrano said:

“This seemingly minor amendment in the law regarding holiday rental properties in Andalucia is big news. It allows homeowners everywhere in Andalucia to be able to apply for a holiday rental licence and legally rent out their properties, even in rural locations, where properties previously didn’t fall under the remit of the rural holiday rental law or the holiday rental licence law in Andalucia.”

As may be imagined, homeowners who couldn’t obtain a licence previously are delighted. It certainly represents a positive step by the government to maximise tourism in Andalucia and ensure that more property owners have the opportunity to earn a rental income from their home. It also encourages tourists to explore the Andalucian countryside rather than stick to the more familiar spots. It should also encourage those considering the purchase of a rural property in Andalucia to go ahead, particularly if they wish to generate an income from it.

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