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8 reasons to live in Spain

Do you like beaches, or lying by a swimming pool? Do you enjoy being surrounded by stunning scenery and historic buildings? Or are you a lover of good wines and fresh food produce? These are all good reasons to consider retiring to Spain and here are eight of the...

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Top 5 places to drink coffee in Vienna

Coffee houses and Vienna, Austria’s capital go hand in hand. In the 19th century they were the meeting places for important writers, artists, musicians and philosophers, but now there is a growing trend to more modern versions of the traditional coffee house, although...

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5 reasons you should move abroad

Should you move abroad? For some people it’s an easy decision to move abroad, while for others there is an element of hesitation about what it might mean. Neither is right or wrong; we all have our different views of how to handle our lives. But here are some suggestions as to why it might be a good idea.

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Why your passport is a valuable document

The passport is an essential document; without one you won’t get very far these days. You may be surprised to know that the concept is quite ancient and can even be traced back to the Old Testament book of Nehemiah, possibly written around 450BC.A history of the...

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