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Why artificial grass in Spain – Newcomers to Spain, particularly those who have gardens of any size, may like to consider getting an artificial lawn laid. Thinking about artificial grass in Spain might sound surprising, given that even southern Spain, with its long hot summers, manages to preserve its greenery with the copious use of sprinklers. However, here’s the catch: put your bare feet on the ‘grass’ used in most urbanisations and private villa gardens and you’ll find it rather painful to walk on.

Look at it more closely and you’ll see that it is not grass at all, but a shrub-like growth that covers the surface of the soil, rather like a creeper. Its tuberous stems are the tough bits that are unkind to the barefooted. Artificial grass in Spain is more popular than you might realise, and we explain why it’s a good choice.

Why artificial grass in Spain is a good choice

There is a good reason for using this ‘grass’ in southern Spain: it is drought-resistant and needs less water than the common or garden grass you find in England, for example. It also has other benefits. The bunch grass found in a UK garden is prone to developing bald patches, particularly in bad weather. The Spanish creeper variety self-repairs when damage occurs, hence its popularity in Marbella and the entire Costa del Sol.

But there is a solution: artificial grass. Economically it can work out less expensive for urbanisations, because it reduces the amount of time gardeners have to spend attending to the grass. The same thing applies to private owners, particularly those villa owners with substantial sized grass areas.

And, the use of artificial grass in Spain is not confined to those with gardens. Artificial grass experts can demonstrate the ways in which property owners can update a balcony, terrace or patio with fake grass to make it more inviting and add that touch of green. This can be particularly important for pet owners, who would like at least some green space for there animals to play on.

Some buyers who come from countries where having a garden is the norm, are surprised to find that there are relatively few apartments, even ground floor ones, that come with a garden area. The hard surfaced patio or terrace is the preferred style of outdoor space in Spain, but it can be turned into a small garden with the help of artificial grass that is of such high quality that it looks like the real thing.

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