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What is the best time of year to buy property in Spain?

This question could also apply to those countries with similar climates to Spain, such as Italy, France and Cyprus. We’ve put together some pointers about when you should go in person on a search for a holiday home – although obviously you can do your online research at umuzee.com all year round.

Don’t do your property search in summer

To be frank; the heat will take all the pleasure out of property viewings. For example, if you’re looking at properties in Valencia, Andalucia, Murcia or Alicante areas, the only times you can comfortably move around outdoors is before 10am and after 8pm, roughly. The rest of the day is just too hot. Plus, in August, the hottest months, many real estate agents operate ‘summer hours’, and many property owners are on holiday elsewhere making it difficult to make appointments, which can be frustrating if you only have a few days to do viewings.

Too many people raise vendors’ expectations

Despite the heat, this doesn’t stop an increase in viewing trips to Spain during spring and summer. It also brings lots of holidaymakers, creating traffic jams on roads, making journey times between viewings longer than usual. However, the influx of visitor-buyers doesn’t necessarily mean that sales peak during this time, because as one source explained, the numbers raises vendors’ expectations and give buyers less negotiating power. If you are hoping to negotiate on price, arrive when there are fewer buyers around.

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Choose the last quarter of the year

In answer to when you as a buyer may have less competition, the last quarter of the year seems to be the best time to come to Spain. Why then? Because is a vendor didn’t sell it during spring and summer, they probably hope to sell it before Christmas. That way the vendor can start the New Year without the ‘burden’ of a ‘for sale’ sign outside and it gives the smart buyer a time period in which to negotiate on price. But please always make a sensible counter offer and remember that the seller is the one who must be ready to reduce the asking price if they are experiencing a stalemate. It’s more productive not to make demands of the seller, such as “you must drop the price by 25%” – simply make a counter offer and let the vendor come back to you.

Have a browse of umuzee.com’s properties for sale in Spain – you can refine your search by region, type of property etc – and we’ve also got properties in many other countries, ranging from Austria to the United States.

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