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For those overseas buyers used to using Uber back home, we have some good news: according to press reports in southern Spain, the multinational ride-sharing company will be making its debut on the Costa del Sol before the start of the peak summer season.

Reports claim Uber will have around 200 vehicles operating in Marbella, Mijas, Fuengirola, Benalmádena, Torremolinos and Málaga. Juan Galiardo, director general for Uber in Spain is very optimistic that its is going to be a success for the company and that demand is there.

Uber in Spain

Uber has already launched in Madrid and Barcelona, but set its sights on the Costa del Sol because of its huge number of tourists. This is supported by statistics, which show that 150,000 people of 138 nationalities tried to order an Uber in the Málaga region through the app last year, only to discover Uber didn’t operate in the area.

The Costa del Sol has a very high proportion of owner-drivers compared to the number of taxis – there is 1 taxi for every 4.4 people. Taxis are perceived as expensive, although the rates are nothing like those in a city like London, where Uber has become extremely popular thanks to its app and lower fares.

Uber operates in 600 cities around the world, so it makes sense for it to open in a holiday destination where many people from those places where Uber is already known are likely to visit.

And, Uber has already thought of a way to avoid any disputes with local taxi drivers who have protested before about competitors. Uber will only use drivers from Andalucia, with licences issued in the autonomous region, thereby avoiding any accusation of bringing in drivers from other parts of Spain, such as was faced by Cabify, Uber’s main competitor in this market.

If you have the Uber app and are visiting the Costa del Sol this summer, look out for the addition of Málaga and other towns along the coast.

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