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Cape Verde Sunshine

Northern Europeans are always on the look out for winter sun. Retirees in particular often choose to buy a second home in a country that has a mild, dry and sunny winter climate providing them with an opportunity to escape the dark and cold months in their home country, usually returning North for the summer. One such place is Cape Verde – the Cape Verde sunshine is world famous, and we’ve got some good reasons for your consideration right here…

Spain is a traditional choice for those seeking a winter retreat, but there is another possibility and that is Cape Verde, which is becoming more popular as it becomes better known. The volcanic islands were completely uninhabited until Portuguese and Genoese explorers discovered them in 1456, and Cape Verde only got a population due to colonisation. It has had a low profile in the global tourism market, but gradually its attractions are gaining it a bigger audience. Cape Verde is starting to call to foreign buyers, and each year property purchases are rising to record levels.

Where to enjoy the Cape Verde sunshine

The group of 10 islands lie about 350 miles of the coast of West Africa – off Senegal to be more precise, which means they are pretty far south compared with the Canaries, another winter sun destination.

Although it may seem to present a bit of a journey to get there, remember it isn’t as far as Cape Town, another place where Europeans like to spend their winter months, and there are direct flights to Cape Verde’s largest island Praia and to the islands of Sal and Boa Vista. And, because of Cape Verde’s Portuguese colonial past, Portugal’s national carrier TAP offers a number of routes to the islands using Lisbon as the connecting hub.

The average temperature in January is 25°C and you can enjoy between five and nine hours of Cape Verde sunshine daily. The majority of beach resorts are on Sal and Boa Vista, and while they might not have yet reached the luxury levels you will find in the Canaries or southern Spain, the amenities are comfortable and dependable.

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And Cape Verde also offers plenty of opportunities for exploration. The islands are scattered across 1,500 square miles of the Atlantic, and island-hopping excursions have now become a key feature of its offering to visitors. Sailing is another popular activity and it is often described as the “unspoilt alternative to the Caribbean” for those who want to sail or windsurf in a spot that hasn’t yet become over-commercialised.

Umuzee has a growing portfolio of Cape Verde properties for sale – starting from €15,000. If you’re looking for a home where you can enjoy the sun year round, or just in winter, why not take a look at Cape Verde.

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“If you are looking for reasons to buy on SAL ISLAND, just one of them is Sal has pristine white sandy beaches that rival any of those found in the Caribbean. In fact, with a blend of African, Brazilian and Portuguese cultures, Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) has been dubbed the African Caribbean. Diverse, unspoilt islands with beautiful quiet white beaches and turquoise clear seas.”

“With political and religious stability and a low crime rate, Cabo Verde has a multicultural friendly population and a year round tropical climate with little chance of rain.”

“Sal Island is easily accessible from Europe with direct flights to Cape Verde from UK, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, France, Belgium, Poland, Portugal and many other European and worldwide locations, including USA and Brazil plus many from Africa.”

“Great investment, rental potential and new business opportunities.”

“Property laws are influenced by the Portuguese legal system and the currency used can either be Euros or Escudos (local currency) which has a fixed exchange rate tied to the Euro. There are also secure banking facilities available.”

“One of only a few countries ever to be promoted from the ‘United Nations’ “least developed nation” category to ‘Middle income country’ status. This country can be highly proud as it is quite an achievement for a group of islands barely heard of a decade ago.”

“Cabo Verde is certainly a fine example of what a successful democracy can do for its population and development. ”

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“It’s expected that within the next few years, the Cabo Verde Islands will see one million plus tourists per year with the large majority of them visiting Sal. More reasons to buy on SAL ISLAND! It is also forecast that there will be a shortage of good quality accommodation in hotels or in private rentals. Sal has seen a lot of changes in the last few years and the future is looking ever more exciting.”

“The Hilton Hotel & Casino, which opened a few months ago, is now planning a second hotel.  The Resort Group now have 3 resorts on Sal, with several more planned for Boa Vista. ”

“Cabo Verde and Sal in particular, clearly have a great deal to offer. The islands were recently named in the Lonely Planet’s Top Ten Destinations – gaining marks for their tropicality, excitement, value for money and special ‘X-factor’. Lonely Planet said that “growing international interest is bringing enormous changes to an archipelago that looks and feels as if it were born from a Caribbean mother and an African father”.”

“And things can only get better. Currently one of the hottest property locations in the world. “The economy should grow between 4 to  5% next year” according to the head of the bank ‘Banco de Cabo Verde’,which is supported by official Government growth figures.”

Contributer: Cape Verde Dream Properties (CVDP)

Cape Verde Dream Properties is a dynamic company, based in the heart of Santa Maria, Sal island, established to provide a high quality, professional and friendly service – with emphasis on finding the right investment for the buyer at the right price. ”

“CVDP will examine your requirements in depth, in order to match your needs with the different types of available investments. Obviously, the same first class service is available if you are selling a property or business.”

“They also offer a comprehensive before, during and after-sales service which means that they can assist you with everything connected with your purchase, including finance.”

“The owner of CVDP has lived on the sunny island of Sal since 2006 gaining a vast amount of knowledge and experience which she can pass onto you.”

“Cabo Verde’s only (UK qualified) mortgage broker and financial expert, with contacts within all the banks, is part of the team at CVDP, so you can consult the expert for non-obligation, free advice basis on any financial matters including local tax information and obtaining a loan here to help towards purchasing your property.”

“Once you have your new place in the sun our comprehensive after sales service, which is second to none, they can provide you with all the assistance you need to keep your property and business in an excellent and profitable condition. Whether it is renting out, cleaning or general maintenance they have many contacts who can help whatever your needs.”

“Due to the experience and contacts they have gained from living here they are able to provide information and recommendations including the best bars, restaurants and leisure activities, excursions etc. ”

“The same service applies to your clients, if you are looking to rent your property to holiday makers.”

“They have first hand access to residential, commercial and quick sale properties at below market value and have close contact with all major developers on the island.”

“Therefore, if you are looking for a particular property or business that they do not have advertised, please contact them directly or by completing their simple online survey so that they can find exactly what you require at the right price.”

“If you are looking for a company which is professional, friendly, honest and knowledgeable then CVDP is the one for you.”


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Cape Verde, or Cabo Verde, is located on a peninsula off the northwest coast of Africa. It has a small population of 500,000 and many visitors come here because of the excellent environment for surfing, kite surfing and diving. It has a large expat population, which means that there are lots of amenities serving overseas residents.

Cape Verde was an uninhabited island until it was first discovered and colonised by the Portuguese in 1460. During one of its periods of history, the Ribeira Grande on Santiago island was used as a slave trade post between Africa and the New World, and archaeologists have been working on exploring this era in recent times. In 1951, Cape Verde became an overseas province, a status given to them by the Portuguese, and finally became independent in 1975.

1. Cape Verde has the most stable government in Africa

Cape Verde is blessed to have a stable, democratic government. This is good news for foreign buyers who may have doubts about buying in this part of the world.

2. Sugar cane liquor is its popular drink

Cape Verde’s national drink is a sugarcane liquor called Grog or Grogue, historically a favourite with sailors. The island’s farmers make it and it has an alcohol content of over 40%. It is similar to rum and is most often used as the base for some tasty cocktails.

3. Cachupa is the national dish

Cachupa is a stew primarily consisting of mashed corn, manioc, sweet potatoes, onions, green bananas, squash, and yams. Sometimes beans, fish or meat are also added to the slow-cooked stew and it is served at most major festive occasions.

4. Darwin and Columbus were visitors

Christopher Columbus stopped off on the island of Boa Vista in 1498, when on his third voyage to the New World. Charles Darwin was another visitor in 1832. He spent 21 days on Cape Verde studying its flora and fauna.

5. Sal, Boa Vista and Maio have little rain

The Cape Verde islands are either rainy or dry. Santiago, Fogo, and Santo Antao are the islands that see the most rainfall while Sal, Boa Vista, and Maio see almost no rain.

Explore the Cape Verde properties for sale at Umuzee.com and discover some of the most wonderful residential resorts in idyllic locations, such as Sal.

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