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Do you want to live in Italy? Of course, we would all love to live in Italy, after all it’s glamorous, cultured, filled with history and stunning scenery, and of course there is the gastronomy and wines. For many, the thought of living in Italy is a dream and many a novel or film has also inspired buyers to follow their dream and look for a home abroad in Italy.

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Live in Italy – Here are three regions we’d recommend


It is perhaps the most famous expat destination in Italy, and it was the birthplace of the Renaissance. As a result, this region is rich with World Heritage and other important cultural and historic sites.

But Tuscany has more to offer than art and culture. It also boasts world-class beaches that are safe and well-maintained, although you may find that many beaches charge a fee for their use.

Tuscany’s coastline is ideal for hiking and long walks and its landscape is the classic image of rolling Italian fields and picturesque towns and villages.

In its gastronomy,Tuscans value freshness and top quality ingredients over difficult recipes and cooking styles. It is also the home of Chianti wine.

Despite its popularity, prices in Tuscany can be more affordable than you might imagine, especially if you stay clear of the cities and focus on less well-known areas of the countryside.


Sicily is one of the most densely populated areas in Italy with countless towns and villages. It has a fascinating heritage, including ruins form when it was a part of ancient Greece.

Sicilians love sweet dishes, so don’t be surprised to see them eating ice cream for breakfast. Anyone who has watched the ‘Inspector Montalbano’ TV series will know how seriously Sicilians take their food and that you’ll always be assured of great dining in this part of the world.

Sicily is an affordable place to live and to purchase real estate. Look for properties on the east side of the island and despite its reputation as the home of the Cosa Nostra, Sicily is actually a very safe place to live.


The home of Parma ham and Parmesan cheese is a destination for devoted foodies. Located in the northern region of Emilia-Romagna, food is hugely important here and a real source of pride. Parma has also given us a number of stuffed pasta dishes, and Parma was the first Italian city to receive the UNESCO Creative City For Gastronomy award. You will find food boutiques and even museums dedicated to the local cuisine in Parma. Properties in the city are on the expensive side as you might imagine, but look in the nearby countryside and you’ll find better prices.

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The short answer is yes, if you’ve always dreamed of living in Italy. Despite the fact that Italy now has a coalition government composed of far right and populists, which isn’t everyone’s political of tea and could create more instability in the country, foreign buyers are making haste to buy here, according to a report from Knight Frank.

More specifically, the luxury properties valued at over €10 million are selling fast, but knight Frank believes this will “filter down to lower priced homes” in the near future.

Italian market recovers

Essentially this news suggests that the Italian property market is experiencing a revival and a strong recovery after a period of poor economic conditions. Enquiries about Spanish properties were up 133% by the end of 2017 and most of this growth is due to overseas interest.

Who’s buying Italy?

Despite a weak pound to euro exchange rate, some 45% of the enquiries came from potential buyers from the UK, followed by Italy (15.1%), the US 11%. These are the biggest countries by a long way, with Australia (2.6%), Germany (2.6%), Canada (2.4%), Switzerland (2.3%), Denmark (2.2%), Netherlands (1.9%) and 1.8% from France.

What attracts foreign buyers to Italy?

It is the lifestyle above all that draws foreign buyers to Italy. Knight Frank’s Italy expert said: “A second home located within a short flight of their primary residence, which offers strong rental prospects and the promise of a good climate, culture, and landscape acts as a strong pull.” The increase in buyers from Australia and New Zealand opens up a new market sector for real estate agents. It is believed that they are primarily retired or semi-retired couples with children studying or working in Europe who want a second home for the summer where the family can enjoy reunions. The Antipodean buyers are often focused on properties in Florence and Rome – primarily apartments that are easy to lock up and leave. Buyers from other countries are also showing great interest in these two famous cities, plus Lucca, one of Tuscany’s most beautiful cities.

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Calabria is in the toe of Italy’s boot and this southern region is becoming increasingly popular with expats searching for a holiday home in Italy. For a long time the south has been more impoverished than the north of the country, but the grandeur of the scenery accompanied by attractive property prices and a lower cost of living are all helping to sell this part of Italy to new buyers.

Calabria is rather a large region offering everything from beachside resorts on the Ionian Sea to retreats in the mountains. Compared to the north, very few Calabrians speak much English, but as more English-speaking expats choose it as a retirement or holiday destination this is likely to change. If you are looking for a spot where more English is spoken, then Tropea, which is already a well-known beach resort may be the place to head to.

Transport in Calabria

Transport is an important consideration. Lamezia International Airport has direct flights from the UK and other parts of Europe and there is a major train line from Rome to Reggio Calabia as well as lines from Naples..

Coastal resorts

Calabria has a 500-mile coastline on both the Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas and an enormous number of beaches. The airport is on the Tyrrhenian coast and is therefore close to the resorts of Pizzo, Tropea and Capo Vaticano. To the north of the airport, popular destinations are Pianopoli, Amantea and Cosenza. On the Ionian coast, which is as close to the airport as some of the resorts on the Tyrrhenian Sea, Crotone, Le Castella, Catanzaro Lido, Caminia and Soverato are the leading beach resorts. If you are looking for the buzz of city life Italian style, then Reggio Calabria and Catanzaro are the two major cities offering this kind of lifestyle, but outside of the cities you will find a very relaxed pace of life

A life in tune with nature

Since Calabria is at the southern end of the Apennine mountain range, there is no way to escape hills here and only 10% of the region could be called flat. On the other hand, the wines and cuisine of Calabria are considered to be amongst Italy’s finest, although neither are so well known outside of Italy, perhaps even outside Calabria. Here eating organically isn’t a new trend – it has been a way of life for centuries and most people eat local produce and according to the season. As one expat who relocated here wrote in her blog Paradise of Exiles:

“Indeed, one of my favorite aspects of living here is that Calabrian life revolves entirely around being in tune with nature. Even if I didn’t have a calendar handy, I’d know the time of year by village’s activities, whether it’s vendemmia (grape harvest) in September, olive picking in November, sausage-making in January and February, or brush clearing and burning off in May and early June.”

If you think that a land packed with olive groves, streets with lemon and orange trees, crystal clear waters and long stretches of practically uninhabited beaches are important elements of the lifestyle you’re looking for, then please have a browse through Umuzee.com’s properties for sale in Calabria – discover this part of Italy before everyone else does!

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