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If you are moving abroad with school age children, finding the best educational environment for each child is of vital importance. It is essential to research the types of schools that are available in advance, study their online information and schedule a Skype call or phone call to discuss specific questions.

Some countries may offer better provision than others in terms of the number of International schools in the area you are moving to. These are primarily schools teaching the British curriculum in English, but they all have students of various nationalities, whose parents want their children to develop their English skills. The Council of British International Schools is a useful place to start your search

You may also find European schools in some of the countries – these teach the curriculums of France, Germany or Scandinavia, for example. A list of these is available at the European Council for International Schools.

Whilst the above schools are provide private education, and fees can vary by area, local state schools are another option. The process for registering your child/children at one will be different in each country, but the first place to start is usually the local town hall, where you can obtain advice about the paperwork required.

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