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There are many places to explore in Andalucia and there is one place in particular that appeals to those who love a bit of adventure and are untroubled by heights. They are El Chorro gorge and the famous Camino del Rey walkway.

El Chorro Village

El Chorro is a small village near the town of Álora. The creation of a massive dam that is split into three, stunning, turquoise lakes surrounded by some of the world’s best rock climbing and pine forests has made it a magnet for nature lovers, climbers, mountain bikers, hikers and campers. The drama that drives visitors to El Chorro is created by the fact that the dam is built across the 200 metre high Guadalhorce river gorge, called Garganta del Chorro. This translates as “throat of El Chorro.”

The building of the dam began in 1914 and King Alfonso XIII of Spain officially opened it in 1921. For the opening, the engineers built a walkway about 100 metres above the gorge, which the King walked along. It was named “El Camino del Rey” (The King’s Path) and it is one of the most famous landmarks of El Chorro. The path is precarious and until recently was closed to the public until the Junta de Andalucía found funds to repair the path and reopen it. It now attracts many thousands of visitors annually, and you need to book ahead at the official website.

A climbing experience, El Chorro Camino del Rey

It is a excellent area for climbing and trekking, although many of the climbing routes are for professional mountaineers, but if you’re not at that level yet, but would like to give it a try, a new protected climbing route supported by a steel cable and iron rungs has just been opened to the public after rigorous safety tests were conducted over many months. It is 650 metres long, with a 250-metre incline. However, it is recommended that you contact an activity tourism company and have its members accompany you, rather than attempt it alone.

Other fun activities

El Chorro also has a great campsite with optional bungalows for those who don’t fancy staying in a tent.. Guests can take part in canoeing, mountain biking, sailing, abseiling and windsurfing, which are just a few of the activities on offer.

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