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Umuzee.com is a new entrant to the global property market and it plans to offer both buyers and real estate agents an advantage over other portals, thanks to its bespoke property search service.

Yes, Umuzee does stick with some property portal traditions in that it is a one-stop shop where buyers can look at a wide range of properties from several agents, and has all the bells and whistles you’d expect. Users can search by country, regions, cities and resorts within countries, and drill down further by selecting property types, minimum number of bedrooms and minimum price.

A global portal

But even in this respect Umuzee differs from some of the other portals, because it offers a diverse selection of countries in one place and it is working on expanding these. To give you an example: Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Brazil and Poland are recent additions. Some portals are country specific, or limited to Europe, which means as a buyer, if you wanted to look at properties in Spain and Cyprus to compare prices and what is available, you would have to use separate websites. With Umuzee, you can shortlist your favourite properties from the countries listed and review your choices at your leisure.

Umuzee does the work for you

Added to all this, Umuzee offers a find your property service tailored to buyers and investors very specific requirements. Umuzee has a team of property experts who will find what you are looking for. All you have to do is either fill in a short form telling us about the destination countries you are interested in, the type of property, your budget and reasons for buying, e.g. are you looking for a retirement property, a holiday home, a Golden Visa programme or something else. Or you can choose to have a live chat with one of the Umuzee team instead and get a referral to an agent.

The advantage Umuzee offers is that you can search yourself if you want, but if you’re short on time, then we can do it for you. Furthermore, we are in touch with thousands of real estate experts around the world. If you want to buy a property in Broward County, Florida, and you’ve given us all the details about what you’re looking for, we’ll contact realtors specialising in Broward County, because after all, who knows the area better than the agents that operate there week in, week out. They know the market and can offer advice about your choice of location. The same is true for every country we list: Umuzee has specialist contacts that can tell you about the possible future outlook of a resort area and what the amenities and infrastructure is like, and they can give you more detailed information than any standard listing possibly can.

Search for an agent

Umuzee can connect you with the right agent for the area of your choice, but it also offers buyers the option of checking out featured agents. You’ll find that the areas they cover are listed, making it faster for users to identify agents likely to have a property they might want.

Umuzee is all about saving you time

Want to know about Golden Visa shemes in Europe – Umuzee has the information. Want to know what the buying process is like in a specific country – Umuzee has detailed Area Guides giving you information on everything from the most popular areas, to schools, healthcare and transport, as well as what the rules are with regard to taxes on property purchases and every other procedure.

Choose Umuzee for a personal service

So, when you’re looking for a property overseas and you want to save time by talking to an expert who can give you the lowdown on a local area – choose Umuzee as your property finding service, because we made it our goal to make sure you find what you want without any hassle at all. 

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