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Bristol | Trelawney House

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Prices From: £149,500
Up To 6% Annual Projected Yield

This residential development offers a choice of Studio, One-bedroom and Two-Bedroom apartments with well-designed bathrooms. Trelawney House is a fantastic residential offering that can’t be missed.

– Newly refurbished cost-effective office space –
– 24 hour access –
– Tailored space to suit your requirements –
– Break-out, meeting and conference rooms available –
– Kitchen facilities available –
– Central heating and air conditioning –
– Flexibility to upsize downsize –
– Prestigious, easily accessible, city center location –
– Local amenities at nearby Cabot Circus –
– Car parking available –

Residents of Trelawney House will benefit from its superb city centre location, with gyms fashionable bars, quaint cafes and restaurants all on its doorstep. A fantastic opportunity for investors and home seekers alike. The desirable location and deluxe choice of apartments coupled with cosmopolitan lifestyle options available in close proximity; all combine to create one of the most exciting places to live in Bristol.

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