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Almeria in Spain’s southeast, is sometimes overlooked. It has seaside resorts and it has desert inland, but this doesn’t mean that everywhere has a harsh desert climate. Take Albox for instance. This inland town, which is about a 45-minute drive from the coast, where you will find the popular seaside resort of Mojacar and about an hour’s drive from the town you will arrive at the beautiful Cabo de Gata, a protected nature reserve with sea on its most easterly edges.

Looking for cheap properties in Spain? Look to Almeria

Albox in Almeria is becoming increasingly popular with British and other European property buyers, due to its amenities and its property prices. You can find a country house in the region of €60,000, and three-bedroom apartments in the town for around €75,000. There are more expensive villas, but even then, it is possible to buy a six-bedroom villa for less than €500,000.

Albox is a ‘working’ town, so it may not look as attractive as those that have been preserved as tourist resorts. For many newcomers that is not a problem, because there are many of those pretty pueblos nearby, and the surrounding countryside offers some stunning scenery.

Getting there from overseas isn’t a problem either: it doesn’t have an airport on its doorstep, but it Almeria airport is less than an hour’s drive, and Murcia airport is just a bit further. Alicante airport is about a two-hour drive, but if you factor in the fact that the roads out of Alicante are of a much higher standard, you may find that is a preferred option.

It has plenty of clubs and organisations for the expat community, and families will find that the schools here offer a high standard of education. Although there are no international schools, the local schools have a high number of children from other countries, with British kids being in the majority. The secondary school has won several academic awards, which is another encouraging sign.

By all accounts, it is a bustling, friendly town with plenty to do: the weekly market is a great meeting place for the whole town, and of course a great source of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as other products.

There are properties in Albox that offer opportunities for those who dream of restoring a traditional property to its former glory, and there are new builds for those who want to walk in and not have to lift a finger. There are also plenty of others that fit somewhere in between.

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