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In Spain, the year 2018 opened with the annual Fitur tourism fair in Madrid. Andalucía’s president, Susana Díaz, represented the region at the international event where she delightedly announced that 2017 saw record breaking tourism in Andalucía in terms of tourism figures.

Record Breaking Tourism in Andalucia – 5th Consecutive Year

According to the statistics for 2017, which are not yet complete, but are of sufficient quantity to provide a truthful picture of the situation, more than 29.5 million visitors arrive in Andalucía, representing an increase of 5% over 2016. This record breaking tourism in Andalucia has had a positive effect on property for sale in Andalucia.

Díaz remarked that Andalucía had set a target of 30 million visitors for 2020, but that it now seemed that this target will be achieved in 2018, because it only requires a 4.5% increase over 2017. She said:” Last year on the first day of Fitur we predicted a 5% increase, which proves we are going in the right direction.” She also explained that all of the eight provinces that constitute Andalucía have seen an increase in tourist numbers and that there was a change in tourist behaviour. What she meant was that visitors are coming to southern Spain throughout the year, whereas in the past the tendency was for visitors to arrive during the peak holiday season.

Because of the record breaking tourism in Andalucia, tourists in have also been spending more. In 2017 they spent a total of 20.4 billion euros, which is 4.5% more than in 2016. This was great news for all the businesses in Andalucía that are involved in the tourism industry and employment in the sector went up by 4.6%, which was above the average for the whole of Spain.

Tourists in Andalucía have also been spending more. In 2017 they spent a total of 20.4 billion euros, which is 4.5% more than in 2016.

Andalucia, in particular the Costa del Sol has a diverse and modern culture. Those of you who have never visited, will find a variety of things to do that includes skiing in the Sierra Nevada, and cuisine that stands out amongst the entire country.

Spain is of course a vibrant, modern country that is a curious mixture of young and old: old in that it has existed for centuries and been a significant player on the world’s political stage – it was a Spaniard who discovered the New World and it had a considerable empire until the 19th century. And it is young, because it is still in the process of creating a new identity after Franco’s dictatorship that lasted from 1939 until his death in 1975, when Spain became a constitutional monarchy once again.

Property for sale in Andalucía

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