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Looking for somewhere different to retire in Europe?

Are you looking to or hoping to retire in Europe? There are a significant number of property buyers who prefer to look for something that is just that bit different. They don’t really want to follow the crowd to the destinations that attract the majority, so we’ve come up with a list of places to retire in Europe that are perfect locations and tick all the boxes for lifestyle, security, healthcare, expat communities and English is spoken.

Valletta, Malta

Malta is growing in popularity as a place to buy a holiday home, and as a Mediterranean destination for retirees. The archipelago of islands may be small, but for some that is a plus point, as it is very easy to travel all over in a short space of time. The capital Valletta has a rich history and its historical past has been well preserved in its architecture and cobbled streets. In 2018 it is European Capital of Culture, which has led to its government ordering several refurbishment projects that promise to make the port city even more attractive.

Lisbon, Portugal

Most people head for the Algarve, so why not be different and go to the capital Lisbon. It is a city with property for all budgets. The city has a great climate, its sophisticated and relaxed and offers a very high quality of life for those who prefer an urban lifestyle where there is plenty of entertainment activities, as we all as great restaurants and easy access to international travel. It also has a low crime rate compared with other European capitals, which is a big bonus.

Citta Sant’Angelo, Italy

The Abruzzo region is only just being more widely recognised for its attractions by overseas buyers. This ‘city’, which is not far from Pescara on the Adriatic coast, and only an hour’s drive from Rome, is considered one of Italy’s most beautiful villages and has the kind of architecture and amenities that one sees in films and adverts where a classic Italian location is required. It has a small population of 15,000 and the surrounding landscape is filled with olive groves and vineyards.

Chania, Crete

Greece’s largest island, which fortunately has its own international airport, has a lot to offer anyone looking for a stunning Mediterranean setting. Beautiful beaches, great healthcare, a variety of landscapes and plenty of English speakers in the larger communities, plus friendly locals and great properties, make Chania on Crete one to consider seriously.

Saint- Chinian, France

The Languedoc region of France has plenty to recommend it, including its wine., which have now become quite prominent in the international wine market. The town grew up around a monastery founded in 825 A.D., and whilst the monastery has closed, it is still put to good use as a village hall. Saint-Chinian was also at one point a big player in the textile industry, but that faded out in the nineteenth century. Now Saint-Chinian is enjoying fame for the produce of its surrounding vineyards. The closest airports are at Carcassonne and Beziers Cap d’Agde. Search for properties in Malta – PortugalItalyGreece – France on Umuzee.com

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