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Area guide to Seville

There is Seville province and Seville city, and whilst fewer people visit the rural areas, there are some towns and villages outside the capital of Andalucia where you will find overseas residents. Seville city has an international airport and it is well connected to the airports at Granada and Málaga.

Seville City

The largest city in Andalucia sits astride the banks of the Guadalquivir river. It is one of the most impressive cities in Europe and is home to such a wealth of historical buildings dating from both the periods of Moorish rule as well as Spain’s colonial empire. Notable buildings include the Alcázar castle, the Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza bullring, the Giralda bell tower and the Gothic cathedral, where Christopher Columbus is buried. The city’s lovely Triana district is a famous home of flamenco as well as ceramic tiles, and Seville is also renowned for its tapas. It’s a wealthy city that is also very modern even if it seems to be steeped in the past.

Outside Seville

The Sierra Morena and Sierra Norte Natural Park provide great places for outdoor leisure pursuits and there are interesting villages and towns dating back to the Copper Age. With its castles and Moorish villages, it is a true taste of Andalucia.

Golf in Seville

There are five golf courses in and around the city, including Real Club Pineda, which is about 4km from the city centre. Others include Club Zaudin in Tomares, real Club de Golf de Sevilla, which is 8km from the city. Further out there is Las Minas and Club de Golf Hato Verde courses.


Seville is a major city and there are a number of international schools here, including the bilingual Europe International school, St. George’s School (British curriculum), The British School of Seville and Yago, a bilingual school. There are also schools in other parts of the province.

Favourite residential areas Seville

Seville city and its suburban areas are perfect for those who want a taste of traditional city life or a mix of urban and rural. The towns of Carmona, with its beautiful parador, Estepa and Osuna are also popular residential areas. Aguadulce, Herrera and Marinaleda are also popular with overseas buyers.

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