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Living in Spain

Spain has been welcoming holidaymakers since the 1960s and has a tradition of welcoming the many foreigners who have chosen to relocate here, either for retirement, for work, or for shorter stays. The famous Spanish Costas are particularly well equipped within their public infrastructures of health, education and transport to cater to the needs of foreign residents and great effort is made to integrate non-Spanish residents into the political and cultural life of communities with free language classes and other activities that bring locals and newcomers together.

It is also true that in those areas with the greatest numbers of overseas residents, whether British, French, German, Belgian, Scandinavian or Russian, individuals and businesses from each one have added cultural and leisure activities, and business opportunities, that cater to their own community. There are Russian Orthodox churches, British pubs, French cafés, Scandinavian design shops, German clinics, and there are restaurants representing just about every ethnic cuisine in addition to the many fine Spanish eateries.

Adapting to Spanish life

Adapting to the Spanish norms of daily life is not difficult once you’ve figured them out: for example, shops may not open until 10am and will often close at 2pm and re-open at around 5pm until 8pm. Supermarkets are an exception and tend to be open from 8.30am until after 9pm. On Saturdays, shops close at 2pm (except supermarkets) and only some small shops are open on Sundays. Banks usually close around 2pm every day, although some are extending their opening hours, and you might find that you can only pay utility bills on certain weekdays between specific times. These are just a few of the little differences you might find between Spain and your home country.

Money Corp

- Hallewell Estates -

Ref: HSRF-F2007

Playa Flamenca, Alicante (Costa Blanca), Spain

€112,000 - 3 Bedroom Townhouse

Located at the top of Playa Flamenca is this modern style 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, townhouse. The property is on a small community of only 9 properties that share a communal swimming pool. The property has paved garden/ terrace to the front and rear of the property, the front faces south east and ...

Ref: API-API-V0411

2 Bedroom Townhouse
in Vera

Almeria (Costa de Almeria), Spain


Price: €125,000

- Almeria Property Investments -

Ref: APF-2565

3 Bedroom Townhouse
in Uleila del Campo

Almeria (Costa de Almeria), Spain


Price: €120,000

- Almeria Property Finder -

Ref: APF-4245

3 Bedroom Villa
in Albox

Almeria (Costa de Almeria), Spain


Price: €159,000

- Almeria Property Finder -

Money Corp

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