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If you go to a large department store there will most likely be a personal shopper service. It may be commonly thought that this service is only for the rich, but that is not necessarily true. Three Spanish airports are providing a free personal shopping service to travellers that will help them make the most of your waiting time before departure. The service is available to both domestic and international travellers, so nobody misses out.

The service started at Madrid and Barcelona airports, but it has now been extended to Málaga airport, the gateway to the Costa del Sol. The thinking behind the personal shopper concept is that airport shops are often crowded, customers aren’t sure where to find what they want and often miss out on the special offers.

Visitors to Málaga airport will be aware that it has considerably expanded its number of retail outlets since the new terminal opened. At the same time, it has increased the number of destinations bringing passengers directly from cities as diverse as New York and St. Petersburg.

According to Aena, the Spanish airport management company who introduced the personal shopper idea, the service is particularly popular with Scandinavians, British, Germans, Russians and Arabs, when looking on particular for jewellery, fashion and gourmet food products, which Spain is well known for.

The personal shoppers have all been chosen for the language skills and have been trained in the skills necessary to become an accomplished personal shopper, especially in the gift of understanding each customer’s personal needs.

Spanish airports, typically exclusive

So, now residents and visitors passing through these three airports in Spain have free access to what is typically an exclusive and expensive service. Alejandro Silva, who manages the personal shopping experience at Málaga airport, says that it has also been very successful with a number of the celebrities passing through the airport.

If would like to try the personal shopping service at Málaga airport here are some details.

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