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Who knows why anyone would want a house that is so narrow you can probably stretch your arms out and touch its outer walls. As the saying goes, there probably isn’t enough room to swing a cat in some of these properties, but these architectural phenomena are home to someone.

The Spite House, Virginia, USA

Called the Spite House because it was built to block the alley between the two existing houses, it is only about seven feet wide and was built in 1830. One is tempted to comment that perhaps people were much smaller then.

Clapham, London

This ‘svelte’ house is 7ft 7 inches wide and has only 721 square feet of living space. It is definitely what estate agents call ‘compact’ and perhaps even ‘bijou’, and because it is in London you will have to pay £800,000 for it.

Osaka, Japan

This is an ultra modern skinny house, however, it is nine feet wide, which is an improvement on seven feet. The architect has showcased skilful use of space and the large expanses of glass will make it feel bigger than it actually is.

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

At only five feet wide, the lack of width is made up for by the use of colour. Inside one suspects it is not the perfect home for anyone with claustrophobia.

Warsaw, Poland

This has to be the thinnest house in the world, because it is only three feet wide. How do you get furniture in? Who knows! Designed by architect Jakub Szczesny who said: “It requires a sense of humour, as you cannot stay too long in one place.”

Great Cumbrae, UK

Called ‘The Wedge’ this is the skinniest house in the UK at 6feet 7 inches. It has even made it into the Guinness Book of Records for having the narrowest recorded frontage of any house in the world. But, what about the house in Warsaw – isn’t that the narrowest?

Matsudo, Tokyo

The Japanese have a reputation for quirky architecture, and this house is no exception. Designed by Yasuhiro Yamashita and Atelier Tekuto it is called “Lucky Drops” and is 9ft wide and 96ft tall! In terms of its shape, it could be a church window or a boat sitting upright. It’s certainly modern.

Massachusetts, USA

Compared to the others this house is practically plump. It is a whopping 10 feet 4 inches wide, but it does have four storeys, so it needs some girth to hold them up.

Toronto, Canada

Positively cute and cottage-like, this skinny home is 7.25 feet wide. However, it is over a 113 feet long, which means that it is like living in a tunnel.

Charleston, USA

This is actually a David Hammons art project, so practicality clearly wasn’t uppermost in his mind. This super-skinny house even has an upstairs balcony, which is a relief because being inside must feel like you have been buried alive.

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