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Water Saving Investments

Water is essential for human life, yet we have a rather carefree attitude to it, especially in the developed world where we are used to it coming from a tap. As a result, if something affects the water supply, communities go into a complete meltdown. Cape Town is a recent example, where drought threatened a Day Zero that thankfully didn’t come. This should, argues PropertyFox, based in South Africa, encourage homeowners to become less dependent on municipal water services. Its CEO said: “In the short-, medium- and long-term, it makes sense for property owners to ensure they are using water as economically as possible on their property. You will feel the benefits financially, ecologically and practically if you invest in making your property water-wise.”

Some of the advice on water saving strategies for your property will depend on where you live. For example, owners in rural areas of Spain will be better placed to implement some of these than a person living in Marbella. And, some countries have fewer problems with water shortage than others, although the UK with all its rain, yet still has hosepipe bans, perhaps shows that the wetter countries are not immune from water-related issues.

Saves money

For example, installing a relatively inexpensive investment in a rain tank, or a higher one in a water reticulation system, will bring savings if water prices hike. Plus, you are likely to recover your investment relatively quickly.

Water saving Helps with resale price

If you come to sell and can show that your monthly expenditure is considerably lower than in a comparable property, it may well contribute to a faster sale at a better price.

The swimming pool

With so many properties in the Mediterranean countries having swimming pools, this is one area where water is important. One suggestion is changing the water filtration system to a freshwater so that the pool acts in a similar way to using a rain tank for flushing toilets. We’re not suggesting the pool will flush your toilets; it’s just a similar mechanism.

Water saving Appeals to eco-conscious guests

If you rent out your property, there are guests who may be attracted to your water-saving ethos. As a result, you may be able to charge a higher rental for your eco-conscious home.

Some of us have very little idea about how precious a commodity water is, because we haven’t had to walk for hours to carry it home. But, the point is not just that we should have more respect for natural resources, by doing so, we can also improve the properties we have invested in.

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