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There will always be someone who has to be different, and we’ve discovered that when it comes to choosing a place to live, as well as the kind of accommodation they prefer to live in, there really are some weird and wonderful places to live.

A Fairy House in Turkey

These don’t look anything like a Wendy house that you might put in a garden for a child to play in. You will find the Fairy houses in Turkey’s ancient Cappadocia, which sat on the Silk Road trading route. Some also call them Fairy Chimneys and they are a natural phenomenon that has been inhabited by humans.

The chimneys are a result of a geologic process that began millions of years ago, when volcanic eruptions rained ash across what would eventually become Turkey. That ash hardened into tuff, a porous rock, which was covered by a layer of basalt. Finally, the long work of erosion began. As millennia passed, the softer tuff wore down, giving way to pillars that stand as tall as 130 feet. The harder basalt erodes more slowly, forming a protective, mushroom-shaped cap over each one.

During the Roman period, persecuted Christians fled in droves to Göreme, a town in Cappadocia. There, they learned that the forms could easily be excavated and built homes and churches in the chimneys. Today tourists can stay in some of these spectacular ‘chimneys’ that have been transformed into hotels.

Slab City USA

Residents of Slab City, who are a transient community of artists, retirees and an assortment of colourful characters have been squatting amongst the abandoned concrete slabs in California’s Sonora desert since the 1950s.

It was created from the remains of Camp Dunlap, a WWII military barracks and might just be one of the strangest places you’ll ever find on Airbnb, although if you plan to visit it, the temperatures in summer are pretty unbearable. It certainly attracts tourists who also want to visit a massive art installation near Salvation Mountain consisting of adobe, straw, mud and lead-free paint, which has drawn movie crews, photographers and bands to it for many years.

The Floating Villages of Tonle Sap Cambodia

Although they are more of a tourist attraction now, some Cambodians still live in these floating homes on a lake near Siem Reap. This is perhaps the least weird of weird places to live, as there are many other places where floating homes are popular worldwide.

Tonle Sap is the largest freshwater lake in South East Asia and it is also an important commercial resource, as it provides more than half of the fish consumed in Cambodia.

Chong Khneas is the name of famous floating village at the edge of the lake. You reach it by boat and the trip through the floating village takes approximately two hours. Here you can see the different types of Khmer, Muslim and Vietnamese floating households as well as the floating markets, fisheries, clinics, schools, basketball pitch and the village pig sty.

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